From banks, schools, religious institutions, healthcare organisation and local associations, we are a reliable partner for your events and businesses.

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Creative Designs

A one-stop service from design to printing, your only job is to think of the designs that you want and we will create them for you.

Customised Designs


Meet us for a non-obligatory consultation. We are conveniently located in the west of Singapore and we take walk-ins at your convenience.

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Our specialisation is on various kinds of paper media, from digital to offset printing. We do have all types of paper samples available and we welcome you to walk in to have a non-obligatory consultation. If you are unsure of the your requirements, speak to us so that we can advise and clear your doubts. Most projects can be completed and delivered within 3 to 5 working days and they will only be printed with your final approval. Unlimited changes to designs and guaranteed satisfaction.

Customised Designs

In this technologically advanced era, it is no longer acceptable to have average, plain designs. To stand out, we will need to grab attention to ourselves and explore with colours, lines and textures to create customised graphic designs that is

Sequential printing (Tickets, coupons)

Sequential printing is one of our niche as there are not many companies who have a running number printing machine. There are not many printers who have this capability in Singapore and none who has been doing this for the

Books / Magazines

It’s true that more and more companies have turned to digital media and advertising. However, one thing for sure is that print media, which are books and magazines will never go away. Books give the ultimate feel and interaction, the


A brochure is characterised as a few pages of flyers / pamphlets. They are essentially the same but with a few pages stapled together. Newsletters and periodicals are also classify under brochures as they all have several pages worth of

Occasions (Invitations, cards)

Wedding invitations, menus, concert tickets, product description, event lists and report cards, we have done them all. All of them require different kinds of paper and designs but not to worry, we have ready made templates that can be shown

Flyers / Pamphlets

Flyers and pamphlets are crucial to a business as a carefully designed piece served to create more lasting impressions. Customers only have 3 seconds to glance at your promotions so make them count, make them stand up, make them pop.


Many companies like to give calendars as a form of appreciation to hang them on the wall, proudly displaying the company name. Some distribute table calendars so that customers can record meetings and appointments on them. Others like to print

Name Cards

Everyone needs business cards to introduce themselves and create business contacts. Our rates start as low as $15 per box. Do compare the types of paper that you used and the feel of it will also determine the final product.

Labels / Stickers

Customisation is necessary in all companies. With that, you need a reliable partner to print customised stickers and labels for your products, folders, bottles and gifts. We can design a nice label for you according to your dimensions. They will

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Have been working with them for many years and very satisfied with their designs. Very professional and excellent service.

Alvin, CEO of Vertec

Grateful for the tips and well designed pages. Truly reliable and consistent.

Lucas, Designer at SnackFirst

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